• Back To School Project

    Education is said to be the key to unlocking the potentials of the child's future. Let's help the orphans and less privilege ones who can't afford it get back to school.

  • Reaching Those in the inner City

    Touching the lives of those living in the tough rural areas of our world

  • We Care for the Aged ones

    We are passionate about the welfare of the aged in our society. We care for and support them to live a happy life.

Welcome to Helen Helping Hands

Committed to Transforming Lives

Helen Helping HandsWe are a non-governmental with the core aim providing restoration and improve the overall quality of life of young people who are victims of trafficking through capacity building towards promote their dignity and respect as well as the less privileged in the society
Through our various projects and schemes, we are touching the lives of the young girls who are victims of human trafficking, Aged ones, the orphans and less privilege,

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Golden Aged Project:

Golden Aged Project A Project designed to care for the very aged ones in our society.
They cared for us, let's not neglet them at their old age; bearing in mind that we will all grow old

RVT Project:

Helen Helping Hands This is an arm of the organization that is saddled with the responsibility of providing
support and restoration for young girls who are victims of trafficking in persons.


Kick against Dementia Special thanks and appreciation to you all our amazing partners and supporters for your response and intervention towards the Successful soperation of Mr Usman Ahmen who was suffering from testacular cancer.
We also appeal for your kind support for his post operation treatment and welfare

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Helen Helping Hands You can Join The Helen Helping Hands Foundation in transforming the lives of the less privileged in our society today and make the world a better place

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