• Back To School Project

    Education is said to be the key to unlocking the potentials of the child's future. Let's help the orphans and less privilege ones who can't afford it get back to school.

  • Reaching Those in the inner City

    Touching the lives of those living in the tough rural areas of our world

  • We Care for the Aged ones

    We are passionate about the welfare of the aged in our society. We care for and support them to live a happy life.


Kick Against Dementia

Helen Helping Hands Dementia and other challenging ailment that faces the very old ones in our society today.

About two in 100 people aged between 65 to 69 have dementia, and this figure rises to one in five for those aged between 85 to 89.
of all people over the age of 65 have dementia. A person's risk of developing dementia rises from one in 14 over the age of 65, to one in six over the age of 80
- According to UK department of statistics

With the H3-E PROJECT, We hope to fight against this disease that affects the well being of the aged ones in our community.
Let us all join hands and fight against it and bring smile to the faces of the aged once in our society.

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